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Tile Cutting Machine
  • Tile Cutting MachineTile Cutting Machine
  • Tile Cutting MachineTile Cutting Machine
  • Tile Cutting MachineTile Cutting Machine
  • Tile Cutting MachineTile Cutting Machine
  • Tile Cutting MachineTile Cutting Machine

Tile Cutting Machine

As one of professional manufacturers, Aluassy would like to provide you high quality Tile cutting machiner. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Master Map

Part Name

Tile cutting machine


Steel, cast aluminum, rubber


 Home improvement industry

Maximum cutting tile size


(can be customized according to customer size)


Bottom plate red, top plate black

 (can be customized according to customer size)

Overall product size

 long1.14m/Width 0.22m








Steel fuselage

Corrosion resistant,

rust resistant

Light weight

Strong and durable

Alloy cutter head

Cutting fast, accurate, long life

Double bottom plate

Ensure stable cutting process

and improve cutting accuracy

Imported bearing

Good effect, high precision,

flat edge




No need to refuel, slide without stalling

Sharp straight line, row brick does not bend

Surface rubber material, non-slip durable

The tile breaks without any traction

Pallet Dimension

1140mmx760mmx980mm(A certain size can be modified)

1. Ceramic tile cutting machine dual panel design

The double bottom plate has four separate spring panels, and the surface is rubber layer, which is non-slip and wear resistant and ensures that the tile breaks without any traction.

And there are 24 spring seats between the upper and lower bottom plates to ensure that the entire bottom panel is smooth and solid.

2. Ceramic tile cutting machine with high hardness alloy cutter head

High hardness alloy cutter head, the cutter head is roller pen type, the marking can be more clear and accurate, the surface is quenched water treatment, to ensure that the tile cut without burr edge.

3. Simple operation bearing rail tile cutting machine

Bearing steel rails provide visibility for cutting and make cutting more precise and smooth.

4. National standard ADC12 die-cast aluminum tile cutting machine

Bold national standard ADC12 die cast aluminum, which is not easy to deform, rust, and has a stable load-bearing capacity. It moves smoothly, quickly, and labor-saving, safe and stable, and durable.

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